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Easy Button

One button for:

  • Load calculations, ventilation calculations, zoning.
  • Diffuser selection and layout.
  • VAV, AHU, Chiller Plant and Boiler Plant (as necessary) selection.
  • Simply link in the architectural model and hit the easy button.

Quick Loads (CFM/sf)

Rule-of-thumb loads and airflows automatically applied to Spaces:

  • Internal loads based on automatically assigned 62.1 Space Type defaults.
  • External loads based on the project climate zone.
  • Combining the internal and external loads gives a reasonable estimate of load and airflow anywhere in the country.
  • Data feeds forward into Ripple’s other equipment selection tools.

Chiller and Boiler Plant Configurator

Automatically feed airside data into hydronics.

  • Pull data from the airside equipment to size hydronic plants.
  • Plan for equipment redundancy quickly and easily.
  • Automatically look up the local ASHRAE weather station and get the evaporation wet bulb and mean coincident dry bulb for cooling tower selections.
  • Automatically determines if natural gas is available at the site and responds accordingly.

AHU Configurator

Combine data for easy AHU/RTU Selections.

  • Includes all ASHRAE weather stations for climatic data lookup inside of Revit.
  • Automatically determines if natural gas is available at the site and responds accordingly.
  • Pulls airflow and ventilation data from Revit Spaces and performs ASHRAE 62.1 ventilation calculations.
  • Combines data sources, performs psychrometric calculations, and determines AHU/RTU component Requirements.

AutoZoning and VAV AutoSelect

Real VAV selections and schedules automatically.

  • Utilize ASHRAE 62.1 Space Type air classifications to automatically zone AHUs.
  • Zone VAVs automatically based on load, adjacency, and maximum spaces to a zone.
  • Use Price Industries’ cloud-based selection software to automatically select VAVs.
  • Schedule provides accurate values for pressure drop, delta T, and flow.
  • VAVs remain linked to selection software and can be easily updated as changes occur.

Automated Diffuser Selection and Layout

Consistent layouts in less time.

  • Select diffusers straight from the manufacturer’s catalogue.
  • Automatically align diffusers with ceiling grid.
  • Addresses spaces of any orientation and shape.
  • Automatically push shared parameters to off brand diffuser types.
  • Automatically separate unique diffuser options for scheduling.

Heating and Cooling Loads Toolkit

Faster loads, fewer errors.

  • Complete and accurate heating and cooling loads with a single click of a button.
  • Place meaningful spaces that encompass the entire building envelope.
  • Automatically assign ASHRAE 62.1 space types based on architectural room data.
  • Pull internal loads directly from the electrical and architectural models.
  • Use IECC code minimum thermal properties for envelope constructions.